Stretch and Strengthening

Stretching has a number of benefits for dancers. Stretching helps keep muscles long and supple, while exercise gives them additional strength. This class will teach how stretching properly before and after a dance class helps to prevent injury, by making the muscles more pliable. In addition, students will work on improving posture, increasing flexibility and range of motion and strengthening the muscles. It will also aim at increasing the core body strength essential for a dancer. This is a technique only class and students enrolled do not perform in our full school productions.
Fit dancer programme.

Fit Dancer Programme

With dance and specifically Ballet being one of the most physically demanding pursuits on this earth, it is therefore very important that dancers begin to take strength and conditioning seriously at a young age with the goal not only being increased performance but also injury prevention and career longevity. These sessions are 30 minutes long and can be taken one to one or shared with up to 3 people of a similar age/ ability.

Acro class.

Acro Gymnastics

This class combines classical technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character and its unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics. Students learn tricks and movements including back bends, walk overs, chest rolls, chest stands, shoulder stands, hand stands, cartwheels, round offs, splits, fishtails, hand walking and more! As well as learning an amazing skill or developing a natural talent, students will also benefit from these classes by developing an increase in strength, flexibility, confidence and spatial awareness.

Dance Conditioning.

TLC (Train, Limber, Condition)

This dynamic class focuses on building core strength, stability in joints, awareness of weaknesses and areas of inflexibility and increasing endurance.This class is designed to equip pre-professional dancers with the tools they need to achieve their goals. This class is a great addition to your training!

Enabling our dancers to focus on developing and increasing the flexibility and strength required to execute various dance moves. In addition to flexibility training, core stability, cardio-vascular endurance and muscular strength are all areas that are covered in this class as well.

This class is highly recommended for all dancers!

One-to-One Dance Lessons.

One To One Dance Lessons

If you already take classes but require a little more one to one attention, if you have an audition or an exam coming up and need some guidance, if you’re lacking in confidence and need a push in the right direction, if you want to learn the basics before walking into a class for the first time, if you’ve got a partner, friend or a small group that want to learn a specific routine then our One to One classes could be the answer.